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6 Medicinal & 6 Magical Properties of Pine

Updated: Mar 19, 2022

On many a Sunday morning, I'd wake up and enter the halls of the house to the poignant aroma of pine. My mom would get a head start on cleaning day (also accompanied with Christian music, humming, and delicious food brewing) wiping down countertops and the floors with the age-old Pine-Sol. My poor nostrils couldn't stand the fumes but I sure adored pine!

This evergreen is most commonly found in the northern hemisphere; however, there are over 100 species in China, Africa, the Himalayas, and Scandinavia. For centuries it's brought physical and spiritual healing to those in need, provided building material, and simply as a healing space out in nature.


In addition to antioxidants, the pine tree supplies vitamins A and C, which boosts the immune system, mineral absorption, assists in the growth and repair of tissues, improves eye health, and the retinol compound maintains healthy skin.

According to folk medicine, the needles may be brewed into a green-hue tea to combat a cold / flu. Deep within the cone, you'll find the pine nut, which is a great source of protein, iron, potassium, magnesium, and healthy fats.


The oils of pine offer respiratory relief, inhaled or applied to the skin, for asthma symptoms, simply loosening mucus in the airway, upper respiratory infections, and can be incorporated into chronic respiratory treatment (i.e. COPD). It's also a decongestant.


As in magic, the antioxidants and nutrients from pine restore vitality and strength to the body and reduce free radicals from causing cellular damage. Tonics ensure the liver, kidneys, and lymph nodes are efficiently excreting toxins from the body.


Pine essential oil may be incorporated into a massage oil to relieve sore and stiff muscles, arthritic pain, and nerve pain. It's also effective for relieving and preventing headache pain.

Make your own pine oil: harvest fresh pine needles (avoid brown needles as they may contain mold). Release oils by gently grinding the needles. Place the needles in a jar and top with a carrier oil (i.e., almond, olive)


The vitamin A pine provides maintains the elasticity and moisture retention of skin.


In the developmental years of medical history, the sap and resin of pine were used as band-aids and wound sealant to help protect the skin from potential infection. Burning the needles protects against pathogenic airborne microorganisms that cause upper respiratory issues.


The tree of peace represents inner strength and strength in adversity, optimism, prosperity, longevity, adaptability, and rebirth. After a wildfire, you'd find pine standing strong amidst the fire. Its wood is sought after for this reason, as it's durable. Pine takes between 3 to 20+ years to mature, depending on the species.


Although pine is an androgynous tree, accommodating both masculine and feminine energies, the pine cone is attributed to the feminine energy. Carry the pine cone with you or burn it in your living space.


Like sage, pine can repel negative energy in a physical space and within the mind and body. Create your very own smudge bundle with pine and mugwort. As energy flows within a space, there are a few centers of utmost importance to encourage; the floor being one of them. Mix pine oil into a floor wash to further banish low vibrational activity of any kind and increase prosperity.


As mentioned above, pine also attracts prosperity. Further manifest abundance by incorporating pine into your sacred space such as an altar, adorning your home with pine (i.e. doorways, lights, entry/exit, baskets), or dusting/sweeping with a pine needle.


Since pine contains both masculine and feminine energies, it balances the emotions that reside in the heart space. Pine's element is also air, which corresponds with the heart chakra. Meditation under the pine tree (and upon blessing and thanking the tree) will give ease to the heart, wisdom to the mind, and could even open undiscovered realms of the universe.


Adding pine oil into a cleaning solution will restore energetic equilibrium in the living space and uplift high vibrational energy. Any part of the pine tree may be hungover an entryway or exit way to give protection and ward off illness.

You can see why many trees, including pine, have sustained our ancestors for generations! Ingredients for herbal medicine and wellness upkeep can be found in your own backyard. What magical and medicinal plants are in your backyard? Comment below!



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