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Transformation of the Soul: My Spiritual Journey


What comes to mind when you read that word? Darwin? Boring high school biology class? Different species? How about life transformation?

It's sounds as grandiose than it really is.

I believe we, as the human species, are going through a spiritual evolution.

Growing up I was naturally in tune with my body (we all are, really). My siblings and I would play outside after school (granted homework was done) and go on family nature walks and runs. In high school, I loved to read in my spare time (I had all the time in the world and little responsibility; I'd delve into reading, yoga, meditation, running, knitting, playing music). There wasn't a genre I was keen about; I just wanted to expound my mind as much as possible. My sophomore/junior year I'd watch Oprah's Soul Sunday program every weekend. The books and websites that were mentioned were heavily researched on, and if I found it at the library, it was like borrowing gold!

The Universe/God/Higher Self and I were conversing through synchronizations and theme around this time in my life. My mom would get an earful as I would explain to her the final message and how it ties into my life and to those around me. Journaling helps me remember and is useful when reflecting on messages, so I would always write my synchronizations down.

Writing down my dreams became a ritual. They've always been vivid, ever since I was a little girl. When I was a bit older, my dreams transformed into something different. Our sixth grade class was outside for recess, my friends and I walked around the track. I remembered the precognition and uttered it aloud. When the precognition manifested into reality, my friends asked how I knew. I didn't tell them because I wasn't too sure either!

My first kundalini awakening happened in high school...and I didn't even know it. This was around the time I decided overnight to live a plant based lifestyle. At times the spiritual journey can be extremely lonely. In high school I was a loner, an outsider (have you read that book?!). But I was at such peace. Through meditation and yoga and nature, I was connecting with my true self. The world can influence how you think you should be, especially as a teenager/young adult. However once you align with yourself, and become confident and own who you are (all of it), outside sources cannot influence you any more.

Here's the thing about spiritual evolution: it's not a one and done kind of thing. It's an ongoing, life-changing experience, so long as you are open to receiving. Everything you know is based on your state of mind. Your state of mind creates your reality! Your happiness, your paradise, your peace, your contentment, your healing, your *insert what you want in life* begins with your thought process. This is why meditation is so powerful. One chain of thought can be the difference between increased inflammation or decreased inflammation in the body.

I'm glad you've joined me here, as I share personal experiences and messages I receive that you may resonate with, and ultimately live your life to the utmost potential.


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The herbalist, chemist, and medicine maker at Asili Apothecary, Gloria created this space to facilitate healing and learning for yourself and those around you. The apothecary and homestead is based in Fayetteville, NC. Gloria enjoys time with her family and Mother Nature.

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