Prime Starter Kit

When you sign up as a wholesale member, you'll be able to shop your favorite essentials oils 25% off the retail price - every time. You'll acquire points as you shop, which add up to supply your essential oils without paying out of pocket. After you sign up, you'll be invited to our Facebook group team where you'll gain knowledge and insight about essential oils and ask questions. To enroll with our team, ORDER HERE.

I'm avidly passionate about educating others about essential oils. Contact me with any questions you may have. This passion is quite contagious as you begin to see changes in your own life. You always have the option of becoming a Wellness Advocate to educate others about essential oils and provide a stream of income for yourself at the same time. Under this mentorship, you'll get business advise and support through the monthly meetings.

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The herbalist, chemist, and medicine maker at Asili Apothecary, Gloria created this space to facilitate healing and learning for yourself and those around you. The apothecary and homestead is based in Fayetteville, NC. Gloria enjoys time with her family and Mother Nature.

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The Prime Starter Kit (Home Essentials Enrollment Kit) includes 10 oils: Frankincense, Lavender, Lemon, Melaleuca, Oregano, Peppermint, doTERRA Breathe®, DigestZen®, doTERRA On Guard®, Deep Blue®, Petal Diffuser, and Essentials Booklet.

The yearly membership fee ($35) is waived with enrollment kit orders, such as the one above. There are other kits that qualify for this waiver as well.

Regardless of which enrollment kit you choose, you'll also receive two virtual herbal workshops and a welcome gift basket from Asili Apothecary for FREE ($115 value).


Why doTERRA?

The quality of essential oils doTERRA provides is unmatched to other supplies for two reasons: 1) quality and 2) equality. doTERRA sources essential oils from over 40 countries, while ensuring all those involved in the process of production are compensated fairly. The method of distillation is based upon the plant material, and doTERRA utilizes two methods: low-heat steam distillation and cold pressed expression. This significantly reduces the amount of plant degradation during the distillation process and ensures the integrity of the plant's chemical constitutes.

How do you use oils?

They can be used aromatically via a diffuser or cleaning solution, topically in a beauty product or healing concoction, or internally infused in liquids or solids to support certain cellular functions (i.e. immune support, digestion support). These are just a few of the many ways essential oils may be integrated into your lifestyle.

How will you learn to use my kit?

You'll receive reading material (electronically or physically) with your kit. The Facebook group has plenty of information in the tab section in regards to several topics (i.e. pain management, sleep support, children). There are also live chats, classes, and other resources to answer most questions.

Do you need to purchase oils monthly?

Absolutely not! Your one-time kit purchase includes a wholesale membership that you can apply the 25% discount in the future. 

Free Essential Oil Perfume with all orders $40+

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