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Transcendent Herbalism

An 8-month apprenticeship with Gloria Kilonzo-DuChaine, Herbalist, Reiki Master, Certified Health & Nutrition Life Coach


Transcendent Herbalism integrates mind, body, and spirit on all planes of existence to promote and advocate for healing where it is needed.


To undertake a study as an apprentice is a serious calling in alignment with your purpose. In this unique relationship, you have the opportunity to acquire intangible knowledge from someone just like you – a healer in service to the community. To read and understand knowledge is one thing, but to be challenged by a peer in your best interest is another thing altogether. At the end of the program, you will take an enormous step towards mastery in herbalism for yourself and others.


Level 1

The first thirteen weeks will be a deep dive into the connection and healing of mind, body, and spirit with plants. You will build your materia medica as we study over 30 plants. The body anatomy will include plant spirit and esoteric knowledge, as that provides a spiritual understanding of plant communication. As we explore nine body systems, we’ll also uncover historical uses, modern-day applications, botany and plant identification, energetics, preparation and dosage, spiritual applications, and cultivation. The entire mentorship emphasizes hands-on activities for you to immerse yourself in plants, so it will include plant walks and medicine making. After completion, you will choose a plant ally to accompany you in the following weeks [think, plant dieta].


Level 2

We’ll take the foundations from the first thirteen weeks and study them under the perspective of traditional and indigenous teachings worldwide, such as:

  • African Ceremony

  • Ancient Egyptian Teachings

  • Native American Herbalism

  • Ayurveda

  • Medical Astrology

  • TCM

Your medicine-making skills will improve as we incorporate case studies, herbal interactions, and proper dosing for various ages and condition types over the course of fifteen weeks. This will give you the foundations for community and clinical work.



Level 3

Lastly, we will spend time in the community seeing clients, volunteering at the community garden, and gaining urban farming experience.

This will take place over the course of eight weeks at our homestead and community garden.








Your psychic abilities thrive when around the natural elements. It’s important to incorporate those gifts into your work, as it is a part of your purpose. You’ll learn how to grow and manage plants in nature and in greenhouse elements, as well as:

  • Methods of harvesting

  • Soil health

  • Composting

  • Utilizing the elements to configure functionality


Class Details

We will meet weekly on Zoom; in-person classes will be arranged in advance.


$1000 (Payment plans are available)

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