The core values of Asili Apothecary are congruent to the hands that prepare the concoctions.  Sustainability can have numerous meanings, but at Asili you will know exactly what the goals are and how they are being implemented in all aspects. Gloria loves sharing the healing magic of herbs, and prioritizes doing so in an eco-friendly manner. Mother Earth has been suffering from our convenient ways of living for decades and it's time for use to be increasingly aware of what and how we are consuming materials.


Gloria is currently experimenting with perfume and beard oil recipes, as that's where the majority of essential oils are used. In the Spring/Summer of 2019, some botanicals will be harvested in the apothecaries own backyard! Thus reducing carbon footprint and ensuring locally grown herbs and plants.


Out of all the materials used to create the apothecary, 25-30% of them are organically sources and 70-75% are non-GMO sourced. The organically sourced materials include select herbs, butters and essential oils. Non-GMO sourced materials include carrier oils, clays, essential oils, herbs, vegetable glycerin, to name a few. The purity of products are noted specifically in the ingredient list. 

It is important that product you ingest or apply to the body constitutes of pure ingredients. Our skin is the largest organ; anything applied will go into the bloodstream. In the future, Asili Apothecary will source all materials organically, and from there be pursue organic certification.


It's difficult to recycle packaging sometimes, as plastic and paper are glued together. When sourcing containers to utilize, two things are taken into consideration: sustaining the shelf life of the product and the environmental cost of the material used to hold a product. All of the products are carefully packed and shipped by Gloria; her husband assists sometimes and she's so grateful. Everything from the paper used to protect products in transit to the material used to seal tincture bottles and syrups are 100% recyclable, compostable material. 

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Through the consultations, podcast, and a line of herbal formulas, Gloria is an advocate for medicinal African plants and she guides women addressing womb imbalances on physical, emotional, and spiritual levels so they may thrive.

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