Begin to unchain your womb to birth a fruitful future today

sovereign womb

The womb space is a powerful, creative space that can be utilized to manifest a fruitful future, literally or figuratively

There are several factors that can impede womb fruition:

trauma, repressing true expression, lack of nourishment, and many more.

Regardless of where you stand in your womanhood, I'll help you unravel what's holding you back from thriving

Sovereign Womb is for you if:

  • You are tired of feeling worn out

  • You dread the onset of your menstrual period

  • You yearn to be in sync with nature and yourself

  • You want to grow and master aspects of your sexual life

  • You need to heal lingering trauma

  • You seek to understand the intricacies of a woman's reproductive system from a holistic perspective

  • You want to be an influential model for your children and the youth in your community

  • You need to navigate through postpartum with a sound mind

as women, we've felt like this at some point in our lives.

there are waves to womanhood. you'll receive tools to ride and glide the waves like a goddess.

if you need guidance with:

  • Fertility

  • Chemical imbalance in the womb

  • Recovery from physical or emotional trauma

  • Finding balance during postpartum months

this program is designed for you.

Eight years ago, a teenage girl chose a book from the library that changed her life. I was that girl, and Taking Charge of Your Fertility set the course of permanent lifestyle habits that account for where I am today.

Lifestyle habits and change are reanimations of core morals and belief systems. As a modern woman, the implications of day-to-day decisions are great, as they set the tone for the future world.

As I've learned, the womb space is a gateway to...well, what you envision. It's vital for women to have a clear vision in this regard, so we may live with intent. So, what does your future look like? May I be a guide for you to unravel this aspect.


Gloria Kilonzo-DuChaine

Herbalist, Reiki Master, Health & Nutrition Life Coach

Inside the

Sovereign Womb


  • personalized, 12-week coaching

  • analysis of genetic and environmental factors that attribute to physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being

  • medical astrology breakdown

  • weekly check-in's

  • custom e-guides & herbal formulations

  • recipes

  • unlimited Reiki sessions

  • private Facebook support group

  • and much more