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Homestead in Fayetteville, NC

The apothecary operates out of Gloria's home that is routinely inspected to meet business standards. Here is where formulas are created and refined. Energy healing sessions are also held here; typically outdoors during the warm months and inside during the cold months, but Gloria always asks the client their preferred preference. When not at home, the apothecary travels to events in town.


Store Hours:

Tuesday-Saturday: 3-6pm

Sunday & Monday: CLOSED

Your Questions Answered!

What values are upheld at the Asili Apothecary?

PASSION I simply want others to enjoy this lifetime to the fullest, and if someone would like to pursue that by optimizing their health and wellness, I am in full support, as your guide and friend. Asili Apothecary is not just a business idea...it's a lifestyle. INTEGRITY The foundation of transparant communication and relation. EMPATHY

What ingredients are used in the apothecary?

I seek out the best ingredients, in terms of quality and environmental impact, to ensure you're reaping the benefits. Currently the apothecary is transitioning to manufactured and homegrown organic sources; organic ingredients will be noted with an asterick. QUALITY: - the entire selection essential oils in the apothecary are steam distilled and 100% pure, containing no fillers or alcohol. - all carrier oils and butters are cold-pressed and unrefined to ensure the rich fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals are not destroyed by heat - the materials used for bath bombs contain no aluminum or synthetic dyes. all dyes are plant-pased - the majority of the herbs selection are non-GMO sourced, with a few being organic - upon arrival, glass bottles are stored away tightly in a cool area until use. before use, all glass bottles and their counterparts are dipped into a hot water solution and placed on a counter to air dry ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT: The apothecary emphasizes sourcing ingredients with little to no impact on the environment. You may read more about environmental measure in the Sustainability tab

How long does the essential oil perfume last?

The roll on essential oil perfume lasts between 2-4 months, depending on application frequency.

I'm allergic to a certain ingredient(s). Could you make it without it?

Absolutely! Send a message prior to purchase or leave a comment during checkout and I'll be sure to make adjustments for you.

Will the bath bomb imbalance my ph?

If a bath bomb causes any irritation, please discontinue use and talk to your health care provider. The bath bombs at Asili Apothecary are made with wholesome ingredients. Beware of bath bombs with additives, such as "fragrance." Such additives may cause harm to your body, to include skewed hormone levels and an increased risk of ovarian cancer. To read more about how safe bath bombs are, head over to the blog.

During a Reiki session, does the receiver need to be touched?

Before a session begins, the client will be asked if sense of touch is permissible during healing. If declined, this will not impair the healing therapy, as the Universal Life Force that flows from the Reiki practicioners may do so with or without physical contact.

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Through the consultations, podcast, and a line of herbal formulas, Gloria is an advocate for medicinal African plants and she guides women addressing womb imbalances on physical, emotional, and spiritual levels so they may thrive.

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