Asili H+B's mission is to

uphold the intellect of African folk medicine

Gloria DuChaine

Founder, Herbalist

Asili Herbs and Botanica LLC began after a major healing transformation of the founder, Gloria Kilonzo-DuChaine. Through this experience, she has gained ancestral and healing knowledge to teach through herbalism. Asili means origin, nature, ancestor in Swahili, and it is our goal at Asili H+B to bring people back to their origin to thrive in their physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. 

Asili Herbs and Botanica's mission is to uphold the intellect of East and North African Folk Medicine by formulating and teaching others about plant medicine and energy healing. This holistic approach isn't new, as this is how Ancient Egyptian and Sumerian physicians of all kinds practiced. It's important for us now to embody these teachings so we can advance in the healing arts, and as the human collective. 

Extended Bio

Since I was five, I knew why I was born on this earth. Having this awareness as a child was inspiring and alienating, as I couldn't relate to anyone around me. This intensified as my second sight began to develop. Years later I decided to explore these skills and realized we all have these skills but we neglect to talk about them for numerous reasons based on fear.


As a teenager with sensitive skin, I turned to natural remedies. My parents would often find me in the kitchen or bathroom improving the current homemade deodorant formulation or mixing essential oils and resins. This only intensified my love for science and healing. I'd spend hours in the library, uploading information from different books such as Taking Charge of Your Fertility, The Alchemist, Traditional Medicine in Africa, Ray Bradbury's books, The Untethered Soul: The Journey Beyond Yourself, and many others. I'm a self-taught herbalist of five years with a background in chemistry and currently undertaking herbal mentorship. Through my soul work, I formulate herbal concoctions at Asili Herbs & Botanica and educate others about plant medicine so that they may transform and heal.

As a Kenyan American with predecessors of midwives, mathematicians, farmers, chiefs, and diviners, the work of herbalism was always drawn to me. I created Asili Herbs and Botanica as a space to highlight African plants and folk healing methods in servitude to those who seek this knowledge and to be a guide to women who wish to holistically become in tune with themselves. In addition to the herbal line of products, we offer consultations, energetic sessions, and teaches classes at the Fayetteville Herbalists Without Borders Chapter