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Move The Lymph Salve

Move The Lymph Salve

Experience the healing powers of nature with Move The Lymph Salve from Asili Herbs.


This body cream is specially crafted for those looking to promote detoxification and digestion through lymphatic movement.


  • Natural Ingredients: Made with pokeroot oil, violet leaf oil, beeswax and locally sourced ingredients, this salve harnesses the power of nature to promote a healthy body.
  • Promotes Lymphatic Movement: This salve utilizes pokeroot and violet leaves to stimulate lymphatic movement in your body. Say goodbye to toxins that have been built up over time!
  • Gentle & Effective Formula: Our formula is gentle on your skin but highly effective in promoting detoxification, improving digestion, healthy skin, and effective immune system. It's perfect for those who want natural remedies for their beauty & personal care regime.


Promote overall wellness with Move The Lymph Salve from Asili Herbs


  • Ingredients

    pokeroot infused grapeseed oil, violet leaf infused grapeseed oil, local beeswax

  • Dosage & Instruction

    With a clean fingertip or q-tip, apply a pea-sized amount of salve to desired area.


    Ideal areas of application include behind the ears, armpits, chest, and other areas where lymphnoids are prsent

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