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Healing the Mother Archetype with Red Raspberry Leaf | Plant Archetypes & Spirit Connection

Plant archetypes is something humans have known since the beginning of time. The way a plant moves, how it looks, and its smell can be correlated to something outside of the plant.

These correlations vary from culture to culture, however the underlying archetype is usually the same.

Before we discuss the plants and correlations, let's define what an archetype is.

According to Jungian psychology (1), archetypes are images, dreams, and symbols that the collective human consciousness shares.

Carl Jung identified many archetypes, however they can be condensed into four types:

  1. Self

  2. Anima

  3. Shadow

  4. Persona

So, how exactly do you identify plant archetypes? This can be explored through various avenues; meditation, pharmacology, plant walks, and gardening are a few.

In this article, we'll use the beautiful red raspberry leaf to explain this process.

Red raspberry leaf opens one to their femininity. The feminine aspect can be broken down into seven aspects according to Jean Bolen (2):

  1. Maiden

  2. Mother

  3. Huntress

  4. Wild woman

  5. Wise woman

  6. Mystic

  7. Queen

Through a plant's cultivation, features, and pharmacological attributes, you will find plants are interconnected by deities, gods and goddesses, color, planets, and archetypes.

Red raspberry leaf has tender leaves, juicy berries that emerge from white flowers, and thorns along the stem. The mother archetype strongly embodies the plant, as it nourishes with its leaves and fruit, and protects its creations (literal and figurative) fiercely.

The transformation of birth itself creates anew, both for mother and for the creation. By sustaining nourishment, this transformation and embodiment of the mother increases in love, trust, and intuition.

In the Yoruba Orisha, mama Yemaya of the water is the mother of all spirits. Water is often perceived as gentle; however it can roar with high tides and vicious waves if need be.

It is with discernment and wisdom a mother can decide when to be gentle and when to give tough love.

Plant spirit relationships are so beautiful for numerous reasons; one of them being they can offer us pathways to healing from the shadow and unbalanced self.

Thank you red raspberry leaf and mama Wata for this pertinent message.

We'll dive deeper into plant archetypes and mythology in the Kabila.

Until then, comment below what plant spirit you are connecting with 💚



1. Jung, C. G. (1948). The phenomenology of the spirit in fairy tales. The Archetypes and the Collective Unconscious, 9(Part 1), 207-254.

2. Bolen, Jean Shinoda. Goddesses in Every Woman: Powerful Archetypes in Women's Lives. Harper Perennial, 1984.

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