Plant Medicine for Family Wellness + 3 Recipes for Your Home Apothecary

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

Plant medicine may seem daunting, but I want to tell you: it doesn't have to be!

The medicine derived from botanicals is intended to enrich your life in physical, mental, and spiritual aspects without bankrupting you. Of course, there are other intentions of plant medicine, such as ecotherapy and functionality, but today we're going to focus on your family's needs.

Curating plant medicine for your family is an excellent way of practicing preventative health and wellness, instills life principles for your children, and it's simple without consuming a copious amount of your time.

Nutritional Infusion


1 tsp nettles

1 tsp dandelion root or flower

1 tsp peppermint


- Bring 8oz of water to a slow boil. Add herbs and allow to steep for 15-30 minutes. Lasts in the refrigerator for one week.

* increase the ingredient size accordingly; i.e. if you want to make a half-gallon patch, increase by 8 fold

* where you choose to steep doesn't matter (glass container or pot), as long as it steeps for that amount of time

Homemade Cough Syrup


1 cup local honey

1 cup apple cider vinegar

3-6 garlic cloves

peel of 1 organic lemon

1 tsp cinnamon or cayenne, optional


- Combine all ingredients into a sealable jar and shake!

* this jar can be recycled over and over again, as you can add more ingredients as the syrup gets low

* if you'd rather strain out the ingredients, allow for the mixture to sit for 3-4 weeks once it's combined

Elderberry Syrup


1 cup elderberry, wildcrafted or organic

4 cups of water

1 cup local honey

1 Tbsp fresh minced ginger

1 Tbsp cinnamon


- Remove any and all remaining stems from the elderberry, as this part of the plant contains toxic compounds.

- Excluding the honey, combine all ingredients into a pot and allow to rise to a boil.

- Lower the heat and allow the mixture to simmer until the water is reduced to half.

- Grab the storage container you'll be using, a fine strainer, and pour mixture into the container. You want to make sure the strainer is fine enough to catch the berry skins and any lingering stems.

- Once the mixture is cool, stir in the honey.

* since this recipe doesn't contain preservatives or added sugar, it will last 2-4 weeks in the refrigerator.

* you may add cane sugar or vodka to extend its shelf life by several weeks. Or make it into a tincture!

These recipes are ideal year-round, especially during the colder months. Tag your concoctions #asilitribe!

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The herbalist, chemist, and medicine maker at Asili Apothecary, Gloria created this space to facilitate healing and learning for yourself and those around you. The apothecary and homestead is based in Fayetteville, NC. Gloria enjoys time with her family and Mother Nature.

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