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Pregnancy & Psychic Abilities: Is there more to a 6th sense?

Updated: Aug 10, 2019

During a time when all your other five senses are strung out and sensitive, now is when your sixth sense decides to come through?! Right.

Welcome to pregnancy, my friends. Surprises for me, surprises for you, surprises for everyone!

For many women this sixth sense, be it feeling a space (energy or other beings), feeling someones emotions (empathy), vivid dreams, precognition, hearing things (clairaudience), or any of the other clairs, begins to open at the very beginning of pregnancy and lasts through after birth. Just as the physical baby body is forming in the womb, so is its spiritual body. This leaves the pregnant woman as a portal through which the veil between the 3D world and the spirit world is thinned. It's known that women have a strong intuition; and when pregnant, it's much stronger.

Why does this happen? Women are naturally in tune with Mother Nature, through the blood cycles we shed and the process of creation within the womb. The womb is a powerhouse for creating abundance and the essence of life itself. We must understand the implication of pregnancy, as we carry not only our daughters but their daughters. Two generations simultaneously in the womb. Suggestions of how to transition at this time of your life are in detail below, but I want to highlight dream journaling, as this coincides with the topic. Our dreams connect us to our multidimensional selves, thus giving you a deeper understanding of who you are, where you come from, and where you're going. Keeping a record of such is extremely important, as you are not only receiving your multidimensional self but the soul in your womb's multidimensional self as well.

Many women account of dreams/envisions of their baby and all the little details even before it's been confirmed on a pregnancy test! This is just the beginning of the sixth sense opening up during the next 10 months or so. And you won't need any further confirmations because your intuition has your back. As you connect more with baby during development, your psychic ability may increase; or as in my case, you may birth another ability along with your baby.

A spiritual awakening and rising new psychic abilities can be triggered by a stressful period in your life or a lifestyle change, including giving birth. There are some women who have an orgasmic birth too, pushing a being through their vaginal portal. The womb is a sacred space. In Sanskrit it's called yoni. This right of passage called motherhood changes a woman physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. The very essence of her being is transformed in a span of two whole years (even longer with birth complications).

Give yourself extra care and pampering during this delicate and empowering time. This is also a great chance to involve your partner and loved ones during this transformation.

Let go a little bit, receive assistance, and ask for a massage or two.

Since your energy field is naturally more open, explore the depths of the spirit world as comfortable as you are.

Stick to your rituals as it will keep you grounded.

Remember the Divine Feminine from which you come from.


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The herbalist, chemist, and medicine maker at Asili Apothecary, Gloria created this space to facilitate healing and learning for yourself and those around you. The apothecary and homestead is based in Fayetteville, NC. Gloria enjoys time with her family and Mother Nature.

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