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Self-Transformation in a Bath | Meaning in Spiritual Baths

Do you ever wish you can pack up the ocean with you after a beach trip?

Me too.

The simple element, sodium, is a wonderful base for formulations and an affordable spiritual tool for many purposes. In this post, we'll focus on the bathing application of salt.

From a microscopic view, overlaying cubic patterns create the salt crystal. What I learned from Reiki courses and undergrad chemistry classes is that structure with a cubic lattice has perfect symmetry. They can also hold octahedron and dodecahedron internal lattices. The energy of this perfect symmetry in a cubic lattice structure is a wonderful foundation, specifically pertaining to formulations (herbal, crystal, etc) and building crystal grids for energy work.

In many African traditions, a mixture of salt, clay, and herbs are prepared within a week of a baby being born for a spiritual bath for protection and concentration purposes. It's important to protect and shield a precious soul shortly after their emergence Earthside.

If you're reading this, you're most likely not an infant. However, the act of bathing may be adapted into our adult years as a routine way of spiritual maintenance.

The merge of one of the most powerful conductors on the planet comprises a spiritual bath: water and salt. According to African mythology texts, water is a symbol of renewal, rebirth, protection, and clarity.

What are other components that may be added to a spiritual bath?

  • salt

It's neutralizing effect welcomes negative ions in the environment. Negative ions are abundant in natural landscapes (to include the beach!) and can be recreated in your bath with the use of salt. Research has shown negative ions to impact the environment and health of humans positively.

  • saltwater (from a natural source is best, i.e. ocean)

A potent concoction of saltwater from a natural source.

  • rocks and crystals

As mentioned briefly above, rocks and crystals (all structures do) contain certain energy based on its composure. For a spiritual bath, you have the option of placing them around the room or within the bath.

  • herbs, flowers, and other botanicals

The chemical compounds within plants also hold an energetic signature. Since a bath is a water infusion, plants with compounds that are easily extracted with warm water would be best. Water-soluble compounds are accessible within the leaf and flower components of such plants. These compounds include carbohydrates, phenolics, mucilages, tannins, and more.

I've talked about phytonutrients on Herbaceous Conversations, but I'll briefly explain here. Under each constituent, there is a class. Each constituent and class have a specific affinity for certain tissues within the body. Keep in mind plants are versatile, and can crossover into many tissues and constituent classes.

Let's use marshmallow (Althea officinalis) as an example. Place this mucilage in water and it will absorb it all! Well, not all the water; but as much as the plant has space for. This, in combination with the flavonoids and tannins present, adds moisture dermally and thus, influences the inflammation reaction on the skin.

  • safe color dye to pinpoint chakras

Certain botanicals may already do this, but if you're targeting a specific charka, you may infuse its primary color into a bath.

The Methodology of Spiritual Baths

Once your herbal bath mix has been created, it's time to use it!

The bath is a reminder of the dark comfort in the womb. In a bath, it's just you and the Divine (sometimes your children or pets sneak in but hey, that's life). The physiological effects of a spiritual bath mirror what occurs on an energetic level.

The heat that permeates the skin also permeates your energetic field, flushing out lingering energies that no longer serve you. The herbal blend utilized in a bath is important, as it ties into the intention of the bath. Often spiritual baths are used for protection; therefore, protective plants will be incorporated. Some of these plants include hawthorn, lemongrass, ginger, castor oil, dragon's blood resin, and lavender.

You are welcome to simply bask in the bath for a minimum of 15 minutes after setting an intention over the bathwater. The bathwater can also guide you. This may occur in the form of water gazing, crystals and pendulums, candle magick, and more.

Tap into the creative segment of your beautiful brain and create ways to communicate with your intuition and the Divine.

What are some of your go-to methods? Comment below!

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